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It all starts with a free consultation.

Not sure if EFT or Energy Medicine will be what you need?  This is the time to discuss what you feel you need assistance with and we can see if these techniques would be the right fit for you.  We can identify a some of the primary issues preventing you from achieving your goals and/or taking that step forward.  Schedule your free remote consultation today.  We all need to take that first small step in order to create change.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Services

3 EFT Sessions Package

($35 savings)

This package is good for those starting out and not ready to commit long term. Get your feet wet with these 3 sessions and see where it takes you.

8 EFT Sessions Package

($90 savings)

Are you ready to commit to discovering and releasing what’s holding you back from reaching your goals? Let’s discuss how these 8 sessions can make a difference in your life.

Single EFT Session (75 minutes)

The single session is great for anyone that has already completed several sessions and needs to check in to clear a few more issues that may have popped up or for regular maintenance. If you are starting out from the beginning, it is to your benefit to schedule a package of sessions. Session packages offer a discount.

Eden Energy Medicine Services

Single Session (90 minutes)

This is perfect for those that are looking for their initial session to get tested and balanced or when you have been doing your work and you start to notice you are “just not right”. Schedule a session for us to get curious about what systems could be thrown off and let’s correct them.

3 Sessions Package

($40 savings)

There are times when it takes multiple sessions to retrain your energy systems to function and flow properly to feel your best. Scheduling multiple sessions is the best way to follow your energy pattern and keep up with which system continues to fall out of sync. Multiple sessions allows us the opportunity to correct these systems and we have a better chance of maintaining flow and balance.

8 Sessions Package

($102 savings)

This is a great way to create a regular balance in your systems and continue to maintain this balance for a long period of time. This is also an opportunity to learn so much about how to do the exercises needed in order to maintain fluid movement and harmony in your energy systems so you can feel your absolute best each day.

Monthly Maintenance (60 minutes)

Talk to me about a monthly maintenance plan. This is ideal for those that have been balanced and are aware of when things start getting a little off and you don’t know how to correct it. We can quickly investigate the energy body and bring things back into balance and harmony so you can continue living in the flow. You have been living life without resistance and you want to return to that place.

Massage Therapy

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes


Full Foot Reflexology

(45 minutes)

Reflex Express

(20 minutes)

Can be added to any massage.

Fen Shui Consultations

Feng Shui tips can be integrated into any of your energy or EFT sessions. In fact, there is usually a simple adjustment that can be suggested to give that little extra boost to the work you are doing. Balance, harmony and alignment is also important in your surroundings. Create universal harmony to live the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Schedule a FREE remote consultation to get information about a mini remote Feng Shui session for a couple of rooms or an in person session for your entire home. You may be surprised at what starts showing up for you in a short period of time.