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by | Jan 23, 2022

When we make an attempt to shift a pattern of behavior, there is a legitimate reason why we struggle to change it. It’s no wonder that we feel like a failure many times over again when we try to lose weight or stop smoking or change some habit that we consider unhealthy, undesirable or isn’t working for us any longer. There is an actual name for this and it’s called an “Extinction Burst”.

I ran across this information recently and realized that I can use my EFT practice to get through the Extinction Burst so that I can move forward with shifting those habits. It’s been quite successful with several of my tapping clients, also.

CLICK HERE to learn what Extinction Bursts are and why they happen so that you can be prepared for them in the future when trying to create change. You are not failing or a loser or weak….it’s all about your brain being so on top of things.

I’m relieved that I have a name to give what happens to me in those moments and I’m grateful that I have the tools to help me get past the burst.

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