My Modalities

Eden Energy Medicine

“I actually felt relaxed for days after our session.”

“I had a great night’s sleep.”

“I’m the most relaxed and centered I’ve been in a long time!”

“I went home and felt so much better and actually got some things accomplished.”

“What a difference 90 minutes can make.”

“I guess I didn’t know what it felt like to feel good. I felt great after our session.”

“Anna and I did an energy session last week with Jan Hamning.✨ Jan is famous for telling us that if we change our energy, we can change our lives and man is that true!

The morning of the session, I was in the most woe is me kind of mood. I was getting over being sick, menopause was being a total bitch, I was grieving the loss of my💔heart dog, and some people who don’t know me at all were talking poorly about me. I was STUCK in my own misery and getting sick of myself.

✨ Jan teaches us that everything in life is energy, including ourselves. If our energy is stuck, then oftentimes we can’t move away from the bad moods, lack of success, and even being sick.
✨ I felt like a different person when I left Jan’s office vs the woman I was when I walked in. Jan helped equip me with the tools I need to move past the blocks that were in my head and on and around my physical self.
✨ I loved learning more about Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping). I loved how these practices help me control my life and own that I have that power. Thanks, Jan!”💖

Jen Hall

Emotional Freedom Techniques

“My relationship with my husband has gotten so much better.”

“I now realize that I truly do deserve to be happy.”

“YES!!!  Finally, I am excited to exercise and eat healthy.”


Feng Shui

“I consulted with Jan to improve my financial situation using Feng Shui.  Within weeks after making adjustments in my home that Jan suggested, I received a letter in the mail notifying me of a small pension I would receive from a previous job and I received a surprise raise along with a bigger bonus than expected.”  H.M.