Work With Jan

Welcome to my Work With Jan page!

This is where you can review the services I offer and decide which one is best for you.  We all experience different emotional and physical shifts and changes from day to day.  It can be confusing to know what service you may need.  For more information on these services, you can go to my Modalities page.

If you are not sure which session would benefit you, I invite you to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION by clicking one of the buttons below and let’s have a conversation about what you are experiencing.  Together, we can decide which would be your best option.

You deserve to feel your best and live your best life!

Energy Medicine

60 Minute

Energy Medicine Session

90 Minute

Energy Medicine Session

Do you feel the need to have your energy system tuned up?

You can add a 30 minute Energy Medicine Session to your massage for $60!

This is a great way to either get a quick balance and alignment or be introduced to Energy Medicine and it’s benefits!

30 Minute Massage +

30 Minute Energy Medicine Session

60 Minute Massage +

30 Minute Energy Medicine Session

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui tips can be integrated into any of your energy or EFT sessions. In fact, there is usually a simple adjustment that can be suggested to give that little extra boost to the work you are doing. Balance, harmony and alignment is also important in your surroundings. Create universal harmony to live the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Schedule a FREE remote consultation to get information about a mini remote Feng Shui session for a couple of rooms or an in person session for your entire home. You may be surprised at what starts showing up for you in a short period of time.

Massage Therapy

30 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage

90 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage/Reflex Express Combo


The ancient Chinese belief is that when we are stressed, our “qi” (pronounced chee) or vital energy gets blocked. When it is blocked for long periods of time, it can cause pain and illness. Reflexology of the feet is a technique that can help release the blocked “qi” throughout our body by applying pressure to points in the foot that connect to our organs and body parts. This will allow energy to flow freely and in turn, bring balance and harmony to our body.

The session begins with wrapping your feet with warm moist towels to prepare them for the Reflexology experience. You walk out feeling like you are walking on pillows. Why not treat yourself to a little bit of extra self-care?

Full Foot Reflexology

(45 minutes)