Praise from Clients

“I would like to give a big shout out to my EFT practitioner, Jan Hamning, who guided me in tapping on one or two obstacles that were getting in the way of me having both feet in this relationship. Thank goodness she helped me get freed up or I might have missed one of the biggest blessings of my life!!! I have never met… much less been in a romantic relationship with a man as amazing as him!”


“If you’re ever feeling down or angry, EFT is a great way to release those feelings without drugs. It was effective instantly for me and is something that is self administered. Jan Hamning is a licensed massage therapist, has been trained in energy therapy and is a Certified EFT Practitioner who can really show you how to use EFT to release unwanted feelings and get you able to move on with your life!”


“Jan, I want to thank you for my session. I can’t thank you enough! Before I saw you I was feeling numb, angry, disoriented, and out-of-body-like. Things came up in EFT that I wasn’t even aware I was feeling, but what a relief to no longer feel them.  Learning the energy techniques you taught put me back on track for my life.  I am amazed at how much better I feel.  I finally feel balanced and grounded. My mind feels happier, more joyful. I feel motivated again to take steps to get out of this stagnant energy of not getting anything done! I so appreciate you! Thank you!”


“I have been going to Jan for about 12 years now. I have a standing massage appointment every month with her. She has helped me in many ways, mostly keeping the knots in my back under control along with my sciatica. I do the hour deep tissue massage regularly along with reflexology added in. If you have never tried the reflexology, you are missing out on a real treat. Give it a shot and do the 45 minutes, you will not regret it. I consider Jan a friend, along with the best massage therapist I have gone to.

Thanks for all you have done for me.”


“In the words of my husband after his first visit to Jan for a massage, “She is great”, I couldn’t agree more!”


“I have been going to Jan for a few years for massage therapy. She is wonderful at locating all of my problem areas and after an hour I feel much better than when I walked in. She has helped me release and assist in healing many tense muscles, pains and injuries; she is key to my overall health. When she invited me to learn about and begin to practice EFT, I have to say I was skeptical at first. After just a few sessions, I became a believer. Let’s face it, our emotions play a huge part in our overall health. If we can learn to move bad energy out and replace it with good positive energy regarding our well being it brings about a sense of calm. Jan once again is providing me with great tools to enhance my emotional and physical well being. If you only see her for a massage, I also recommend trying an EFT session. The benefits are endless.”


“I was initially hesitant to do EFT with a practitioner but working with Jan was like spending time with a close friend who does not pass judgement. I was at ease from the moment we met. Over the course of five sessions Jan and I were able to uncover many buried emotions and experiences that have caused me deep shame and guilt. Facing those emotions while tapping with someone who accepts you as you are…is priceless. I learned so much about my body’s energy and vibration. I felt lighter and more peaceful after every EFT session. Jan was very generous with her time, answering emails, texts and phone calls when I needed further guidance.  I look forward to my “check-ups” with her in the future.”


“In 1999, I found myself suffering from anxiety attacks caused by grief after the death of a beloved relative. It occurred to me that massage might have a relaxing effect and since I also had some arthritis, I might enjoy a double benefit. I have visited Jan’s salon almost once a month for all these years and I have truly benefited from her talent and dedication to my well-being. Jan is very professional, keeps up with new therapies by continuing education, and is a very thoughtful and caring person. I have recommended her to many of my friends who have benefited equally.”


“Many think of massage therapy as a luxury. I prefer to think of it as routine maintenance. We take our cars in for regular services, why not our bodies? Jan provides premier bodywork and energy services. Her diverse knowledge of different therapies not only provides a relaxing massage, but also provides the muscle manipulation to aid in healing. Her deep tissue techniques release tight muscles and improve over all body balance. Her genuine intentions for healing provide an energy, that as a client, I am able to carry with me long after the massage is completed.

As a nurse and massage therapist I can attest to her quality services. Thank you Jan.”


“I learned about EFT at a women’s retreat Jan had participated in organizing.  I decided to give it a try, even though I was very skeptical.   My initial thought was for EFT to help me with my problem relationships at home and work.  Jan and I worked together at several sessions and found significant release from negative emotions and situations. I have used EFT at home to ‘tap’ out some specific family interactions, and I found it to be very successful.  So successful in fact, that family and friends have commented to me that I am much happier and at peace.

At a recent appointment with Jan we had planned on a session of other energy work.  I have ovarian cancer and I casually mentioned a negative number I had received from my recent blood work.  Jan heard my statement about the negative test result, she immediately said we are switching gears and we are going to address the test results with EFT.  Throughout that session, I could physically and emotionally feel the stressful, angry and fearful feelings release from my body along with sadness, loneliness, and countless other negative emotions that I was experiencing.  I had not realized how much I was carrying and how much I was burying.  I am stronger after this EFT session in my fight against cancer.

Jan has provided me with tools to connect with my inner self and to help me live in the moment.  She has made a huge difference in my life, in such a short period of time.”