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The Power of Our Thoughts and Words

by | Jul 8, 2022

Most of us learned in science class as a kid that everything is energy right? For those of us that don’t remember those days in school, I’m guessing you may have heard that mentioned here and there in the past 10 years. It’s a scientific fact!

We are all energy and everything around us is energy. If you find it confusing to understand what that means (which I did for many years), it means everything carries a vibration. In other words, we are vibrational beings, along with our furniture, food, and everything else. Even our words and thoughts carry a vibration.

In May of this year I spoke at a women’s mini retreat at That Girl + Co. in Lemont, Illinois. When Massiel, the owner, and I were planning some type of collaboration this subject had come up. I thought it was a great topic to address in a group of women that were excited to have a few hours set aside for themselves to learn, socialize, create and relax.

My girlfriends are always so good about being my guinea pigs for anything I am learning or teaching. My friend, Heather, is so gracious. She feeds us and then I entertain them with whatever I’m trying out. They were amazed by it so I tweaked and shortened my presentation and took it on the road to Lemont.

After explaining how everything carries a vibrational frequency, I had volunteers come up and we muscle tested them while they and/or the group focused on different words and thoughts. Well, anyone that knows me knows I LOVE experimenting on how our energy systems react to things. Does it weaken or strengthen our energy? After all, why would we want anything around us or within us that weakens us?

Needless to say, the volunteers and the group were astonished at the results of the testing. It showed them that some words and thoughts resonate at a lower frequency that will weaken our energy while other thoughts and words resonate at a higher frequency, which will strengthen our energy. Another nugget of information for you….energy is contagious! When we are vibrating at a low frequency everyone around us will sense that and the same with a higher frequency. We can change the mood of a room in an instant.

Please be aware of your thoughts in your head and the words that exit your mouth. It’s all about the vibration and how our energy systems react to it. This awareness is also the key ingredient in the Law of Attraction. The vibration we send out is what we get back. Lori Lamont and I even dedicated an entire lesson on this subject in our Just Imagine program.

Let’s be realistic about this. None of us are angels. We will all have negative thoughts and those low frequency words will come out of our mouth. Let’s be mindful of it and make an effort to shift it as soon as we become aware of it.

Next stop on the tourWESOS (Women Entrepreneurs Secrets of Success) Chapter meeting in Frankfort, Illinois at the end of the month.