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Do we ignore the signs??

by | Jul 30, 2021

Yes!!! I’m talking to you… and me. How many signs to we have to get before we pay attention? I’m not talking today about dogs not obeying signs on the beach either, but the picture got your attention.

I’m talking about those signs we get from whatever you want to call it…the universe, God, the sun, spirit guides… whatever you believe in as a higher power. We receive all kinds of signs that many of us think of as coincidence. Sorry, I’m not buying that whole coincidence thing.

Do you find that “things” happen to you in just the right time?

  • You receive an unexpected check just when you were thinking about buying something you didn’t feel you should spend money on at that time.
  • You forget something as you are leaving the house for an appointment and now you are 5 minutes late in leaving, you are upset and come to see on your way that you just missed a terrible accident by 5 minutes.

You get the idea. Yet, another way we ignore the signs is when we develop one thing after another in our physical body. We continue to have injuries in the same areas of our body or chronic unexplained pain or multiple issues show up over a period of time. How about when one thing seems to heal and another thing pops up?

Do we pay attention to those signs? Our bodies are always communicating to us when something needs attention or something needs to change. It doesn’t even enter most of our minds that there usually is, if not always, an emotional connection to those imbalances in our body.

This has come to me this past week and I surprise myself when I finally realize what the connection is. It’s crazy because I study this and work with clients to make the physical/emotional connection, yet conveniently forget about it when it comes to myself.

I encourage you to look into the emotional connection with what shows up in the body. This does not mean you should not consult a medical professional, also. Absolutely consult a physician when things show up that concern you. But how many times do you hear that it’s “part of the aging process” or “ice it” or “let’s try muscle relaxers”? All of this may be true and fine, but why not be your own investigator? Find out if there is a connection to some emotion or lifetime learned false belief that is trapped in your cells that could be showing up in your body.

Our bodies want to heal, but when we ignore the messages it sends to us, it can take much longer or not ever heal. I have read a couple of books that address this subject. The most recent is “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Truman.

You can always read about it, you can see energy practitioners, EFT practitioners, acupuncturists and so many other options. It really doesn’t matter if you come to me for what I practice, but find someone that can help you make the connection. Why experience unexplained chronic conditions any longer than needed? Making that connection and doing the work to clear it up can improve your life and how you feel on a daily basis.

Our bodies are so intelligent and they really make an attempt to let us know there is something that needs attention. Do not ignore the signs. Leave no rock unturned… tap into what’s possible.