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by | Oct 21, 2021

Well, Autumn has arrived in a calm manner in the Midwest. We have had beautiful sunshine and peaceful weather here. A little more rain may be desired for nature, but it’s very early in the season. I’m sure the rain will be arriving soon.

My studies of Eden Energy Medicine and of the ancient Chinese theory directs me toward the 5 Rhythm model (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal) during the seasons. Autumn is in the rhythm of Metal, which embodies completion. The leaves fall to the earth, fertilizing the next cycle. The Metal rhythm evaluates what was useful and what was not, and eliminates all that is not valuable so as to bring about a worthy completion. In other words, it’s the season to release and let go of what’s not needed or useful. It’s the season to release, let go and complete that chapter.

This could be things, beliefs, emotions, relationships, habits, jobs….what ever is not creating a feeling of peace, happiness, love or joy.

What can you release during the Metal season that is not serving your highest good? Are you holding anger, fear, resentment or some other emotion in your body that doesn’t feel good? Do you feel any emotion when you look at that thing that’s been sitting on your shelf for 5 years? Look at it, hold it in your hands and notice whether or not it brings you joy. If not, let it go to someone that may receive joy when they simply look at it. Are you holding on tight to something, someone or even a thought that doesn’t bring a feeling of peace?

Let go of what is not in alignment with and/or for your highest good. Make space for new and positive emotions to reside within your heart and create an environment for exciting things to come into your life. Think of those new emotions as fertilizer to prepare for the next cycle.

If it doesn’t feel good, let it go! If you are not experiencing joy or contentment from it, why keep it? It could be a drain on your energy without you even realizing it.

What can you let go of and close the door to bring about a sense of completion and to make space for new experiences, things and thoughts?