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How Do You Know You Are Not Grounded? (True Story)

by | Sep 8, 2021

I had a regular client come in for a massage recently. I asked how she was feeling. She said she was fine, but was feeling a little weird. We talked a little about what that meant for her and a couple of her symptoms were…

I’m feeling spacey

Kinda like I’m outside of my body

Just not feeling normal…her word may have been “unstable”

Those are indications of someone that is ungrounded. We agreed that I would incorporate some energy work into her massage wherever I felt it was needed. We did the hookup, crown pull, crossovers, power point stretch, spinal flush and we tested her Kidney 1 point in her feet only to find it was blocked in both feet. After a couple of minutes, both points were open, she stood up and commented on how much better she felt.

What causes our energy to not ground to the earth??? Well, it could be from stress, which I suspect was the case. During our conversation she commented on how she was stressed about a situation from that morning. It was obvious she was struggling with a decision. 

As she walked out of my studio, she declared that she had full clarity and knew exactly what she was going to do.

This is one example of how clearing up blocked energy can help you feel better and bring balance to your life.