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by | Nov 29, 2021

It is that time of year again for me and a few close friends when I begin to think about our intentions and/or goals for the new year. Well, they may not begin quite yet, but I begin to nudge them at this time. The end of November is usually a good time to start focusing on what we want to accomplish in the year to come. We have one month to become aware of what our dreams are for next year. Even though I am very grateful for everything I have accomplished and have, there is always more expansion and learning to experience.

Even though I am thinking my friends have not quite begun to think about what they would like to accomplish next year, I get very excited about what thoughts and things start showing up for me. The thought of me creating a vision and having something to work toward thrills me. I begin to take notes of what comes up in meditations, quiet times, drive times, listening to podcasts, reading books, etc. I consider it a fun project as thoughts gradually turn into a vision of what’s possible next year.

Are you a goal or vision person? Do you even have a goal or intention set for yourself? If not, maybe this is the time to begin thinking about something that you would like to accomplish for yourself in 2022. It could be a physical item like a new sports car or new home, a health goal, create a new relationship or improve a current one, spiritual growth, career goal- it could be anything that you desire. Lori Lamont and I teach the steps of manifesting your desires in our JUST IMAGINE course and it’s so exciting to observe the progress each participant makes over time.

It all begins with a vision. Do you have a vision of your future? If not, maybe it’s time to get those juices flowing and see what’s possible in 2022!

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.

Denis Waitley