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by | Aug 13, 2023

Life is a journey filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. While it’s easy to stick to the comfortable and familiar, it’s often the pursuit of challenges and the willingness to do the hard thing that truly moves us forward. Whether you are a career person, a stay-at-home mom or living the golden years, embracing the challenges that come your way can lead to an abundance of personal and spiritual development that can create a life you never thought possible.

Moving out of our comfort zone, which I refer to as our comfort bubble, is not always easy or fun in the moment. As a person who is always making the connection between mind, body, and spirit, I understand that that I must move out of my bubble and do the hard thing or step into the unknown for growth to happen. In my personal journey, doing that thing can mean confronting my own fears and doubts. That’s a HARD THING TO DO!

The comfort bubble is like a cozy cocoon that shields us from the challenges of the outside world. While it provides a sense of safety, it can also limit our personal and spiritual development. Breaking out of this bubble may seem scary and sometimes impossible. Some of us resist it for years and some for a lifetime. For your information, it’s where the magic of transformation happens.

Do you remember the first time you attempted some new challenge? Think back to being a child and riding a bike for the first time or the first time you competed in a sport or music recital or even a new job. The fear and uncertainty of success may have been intimidating, but as you persevered, you discovered strength and capabilities you didn’t know you possessed. Over time you may have embraced new techniques or habits that lead to remarkable breakthroughs.

Moving outside your comfort bubble promotes resilience and adaptability. The experiences gained from this exploration enables you to navigate life’s uncertainties with greater ease. By embracing new challenges, you align your energy with growth and positive change. I understand that change is not comfortable for many, but if we resist change, we are going to hold ourselves back from experiencing opportunities, learning and growth. Change is inevitable.

Whether you are setting goals, transitioning to a new chapter in life, growing a business or anything else, you must move out of your comfort bubble, feel some discomfort and make choices as you step into the unknown to experience the growth and discovery of self. Remember, it is the discomfort that leads to breakthroughs. So, keep pushing your boundaries, stepping outside of your comfort bubble, and watch as your life unfolds in ways you never thought possible.