Group EFT Tapping Sessions

Join Us!

The next session on August 8th will be dedicated to tapping on creating a heart connected Gratitude Journal. It’s not always easy to think of what we are thankful for when things are not going so well. By tapping and moving the energy, we can connect to our heart space and feel the gratitude of even the simplest things.

Reminding yourself on a daily basis of what you are grateful for is very healing to our energy systems, clears those blockages that prevent us from attracting what we desire and can raise our vibration within minutes so that we can live our best life.

Sharing is not mandatory, but I can let you know that when you begin to notice you are feeling better, you may be excited to share. EFT group tapping may be exactly what you need to “blow the dust off” and feel better for it.

We may even toss in a few quick exercises to ground your energy or strengthen your Aura. We never know where each session will take us.

No previous tapping experience necessary. Even though this is not a lesson on tapping, I am confident you will catch on quickly by simply following along.

Come into the group with the intention of learning and having fun!

Please plan on attending these sessions from a private and quiet space while on the call.

We respect the privacy of the group, therefore, these sessions will not be recorded.

Let’s tap together to create a feeling of peace and calm within.
It all begins with us.

August 8th @ 6:30 (CT)

You will receive an email with the Zoom link upon registration.

Refunds will not issued in the event you need to cancel. You may apply that credit to reschedule for a future session.


Will be on vacation.  See you in October!

October 10th @ 6:30 (CT)

November 14th @ 6:30 (CT)

Decembr 12th @ 6:30 (CT)