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by | Jan 6, 2022

Throughout my life of over 60 years I probably have heard that said by more than 200 people. That’s only a guesstimate. It could be more and it could be less. I personally know people that are chronic worriers and yes, they tend to have a number of health issues.

While getting myself ready this morning to head to my studio, I was listening to one of the recordings of a class I have been in that is taught by Debra Ponneman. I have taken several classes with her so I’m sure you have heard me talk about her in the past. Debra was talking about different ways we could naturally strengthen our immune system. These techniques have been studied and proven to be very effective. A couple of ways she listed were 4 different breathing techniques, meditation and removing white sugar from our diets. Then she commented on how much fear and worry has surfaced over the past 2 years and that fear and worry are breeding grounds for disease. This is not the first time I have heard this. I have even heard medical doctors talk about this.

While training in Eden Energy Medicine it is top priority to know which organs govern which emotions. Worry is a stomach and spleen emotion. How many people do you know who are chronic worriers that have ulcers or immunity issues? Do they catch a cold each time it gets within 50 feet of them? Does it seem like there is something out of balance with their health at all times? They find resolution with one issue and another pops up? They always have a logical reason for it.

We can have control of those out of balance emotions that can make us sick. It is a matter of:

• Do you want to let go of worry? 
• What are you open to trying?
• Are you willing to do the work?

I bet it sounds silly to you on that first question. Most people say, “Of course I do.” But do they really? Is being a worrier who they’ve always been? Do they feel that being worried is helping resolve their own problems or someone else’s? There are many things that can come to surface once we address the out of balance emotion or behavior.

The second question is a biggy. Are you willing to try meditation? What about QiGong? How about EFT (tapping)? Did you know that one of the causes of pain and illness is said to be blocked energy? Do you want to learn how to move your energy within your system to unblock those areas and at the same time help bring that worry into balance?

But the third question is really important. Are you willing to do what it takes and commit to it? Yep, it takes time and what some would call “work”. I certainly know from experience that changing a behavior that is not doing me any good can be pretty daunting and yes“work”.

This is something to ponder in 2022 and actually, all the time. Are you ready to release worry? What would it feel like if you did? Are you ready to release the fear that has been manifesting in many of us over the past 2 years? Imagine how your life could be if you were willing to try. It may take quite a bit of practice trying something new, but if we don’t try, we will never know.