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by | Jan 2, 2022

WHAT???? YES! It’s true! The worst part is that it is in reference to ME!

WHY???? Simple – 2 Words – JANUARY DETOX

As many of you know, I rid my body of many inflammatory foods each January. I like to call it “Honor My Liver Month.” That means I do not eat:

  • Dairy
  • Peanuts
  • Wheat
  • Flour
  • Preservatives (of any type)
  • Artificial Additives (of any type)


So what does that leave me? These are the words I search out when shopping: whole, organic, fresh, grass fed, free range, wild caught, etc. In other words, I’m eating the way we were probably meant to eat and the way our ancestors ate so that our organs can work at their highest vibration to provide us with good health. As I began reading labels that first year, I realized that sugar is in everything and we don’t need a doctorate degree to know sugar is not good for us. We read about it and hear about how sugar causes inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation is very good for us when we have an injury. Our bodies naturally create inflammation around the injury to help the healing process. But it’s been studied and said by many that chronic inflammation is the source of many diseases.

The first day or 36 hours of no sugar is not bad at all. It’s around hour 37, 38, maybe 48, that I begin to feel a little edgy, that grumpy troll begins peaking its ugly head up, I notice some body tension sets in here and there, I get a bit fidgety and a little impatient. The withdrawal symptoms from sugar makes me realize how addictive it actually is. The first year I did this, I committed to 10 days and I was surprised on how my body and mind reacted during the withdrawal. Since then I continue to extend my commitment and last year I went almost 4 weeks without a problem. I am now prepared for that brief roller coaster ride of discomfort and instability of my mood.

The benefits to me far outweigh the risk of me lashing out at anyone. Besides, it’s only the first few days of the month that everyone is at high risk of me not being in control of my mood. It’s rather like being in menopause for 6 days or so and then it’s over. Many of you can relate to thateven you men.

The great thing now is that I know how to tap (EFT) to help me through the month. When I get the urge to cave into cravings or I get that edgy feeling, I tap, tap, tap and I’m good for a while. Then I tap, tap, tap and over time I begin to realize how much better I feel each day without sugar and the other inflammatory foods. My organs thank me for giving them a break, I drop a few pounds, my joints feel better and I have much more energy, focus and creativity.

It’s well worth the few days of being in the high risk zone of spontaneous combustion.