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by | Feb 15, 2023

There are times in our life when we must make hard decisions. You know, those decisions that could impact not only your life, but the life of many. It’s not easy! Thinking about the choices in the decision process can create quite a bit of turbulence in our physical and emotional body. If we feel pressured into deciding quickly, that brings more stress on. If we have too much time, we think about it constantly and causes us to lose sleep, inability to focus on other things that require our attention, and maybe a little cranky.

Deep down we may know what the right decision is, yet there are times when we hesitate to make the final decision out of fear. Fear of what??? Well, it could be that we are in fear of disappointing someone or worse yet, disappointing ourselves by our decision. Thinking about it can also cause worry, stress, indigestion, upset stomach it can literally make you sick. Read “I Worried Myself Sick

We all know there are times when making those hard choices, we need to take other people into account. How will this choice impact their life? Is there an option in the choices available that is for the highest good of everyone involved?

When having to make hard decisions, it is recommended by “those people that study this stuff” to get out of your head and feel into your heart. Ask yourself the questions around the choices. What choice will be best for the people involved? More important is what choice is best for YOU? If you choose one of the other options, how will that make you feel?

Our heads are all about logic rather than heart centered. We can talk ourselves out of what is best for us when we go into our head. Instead, feel how your body and heart react when you read silently or say out loud each of your options.

Gather all the facts and details of the situation you are making decisions in. Weigh the pros and cons of each choice. Do not jump into those hard choices without taking everything into consideration. What outcome are you hoping to achieve by your choice?

Which choice will have a better outcome in the long term? Which choice creates a feeling of peace or contentment? You just know it’s right! It may continue to feel scary, but if you make that decision from your heart, it will never disappoint.

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